Join in the fun as Consolidated Fire Association invites you to enter a scarecrow contest as part of the Bordentown Halloween Parade and House Decorating Contest during the month of October. Gather a group of family members, friends, co-workers, students, or organization members and let your creativity run wild. Be sure to read through the important rules and regulations detailed below, fill out a registration form and enter by October 8th.


Contest is limited to the first 35 registrations. All Scarecrows will be affixed to approved light posts along Farnsworth.

It is FREE to register your group.

Complete the Online registration form on our website, online registration form

The Consolidated Fire Assn. reserves the right to refuse a scarecrow entry which it feels may be offensive to the general public.

No political statements will be allowed.

If you would like your Scarecrow to be located in front of your business, please indicate that on your registration form and we will try to accommodate any special requests.

Scarecrows should NOT exceed four feet in width or depth and six feet in height. Scarecrows must be weather resistant and sturdy in order to qualify for displaying and judging. Consider the wind and rain when choosing and securing materials to it. NO PERISHABLE GOODS may be used in the construction of your scarecrow (i.e. real pumpkins, squash, etc.). Electricity will not be provided.

Nothing will be permitted to be on the ground around your Scarecrow. Your display must be one piece and be within the width, depth and height requirements.

Your Scarecrow must be attached to a solid post when you arrive for check in. This post could be a Wood Stake or PVC Pipe. The post must be at least 4 feet high.

Each scarecrow must be brought to The Consolidated Fire Assn (Crosswicks St, Bordentown, NJ) on Saturday, October 8th at 9am. A member of the firehouse will be there to direct you to the location where your Scarecrow will be set up. We will provide a zip tie to attach your Scarecrow to the approved light post. Please DO NOT try to attach your Scarecrow without the assistance of someone from the Firehouse.

At Check In, we will attach a weather proof sign to your scarecrow to identify who created it, the title and a brief description that you provided in your registration form.

Entrants should visit their scarecrows along Farnsworth Ave, for periodic check-ups to make any necessary repairs. The Consolidated Fire Assn reserves the right to remove any scarecrows that do not hold up to the weather. We will notify you if your scarecrow is removed.

The Consolidated Fire Assn is NOT RESPONSIBLE for security of the scarecrows on display.

Winners will be selected and will be announced on Sunday, October 9th. All scarecrows must remain on displayed until the end of the month. Please do not remove your scarecrow unless you receive permission from Consolidated Fire Assn.

Your group will be responsible for taking down Scarecrows on Friday November 4th. Any scarecrows that are not claimed nor arranged an alternative pick-up will become the property of the Consolidated Fire Assn.

The Consolidated Fire Assn reserves the right to photograph entries for any promotional purposes. Photographs become the property of the Consolidated Fire Assn.